Our Commitment to a Greener Future

Partnering with One Tree Planted

At Bellah Bunni, we believe that beauty should never come at the cost of the environment. That's why we've partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to global reforestation.

Beauty with a Purpose

1 Jar 1 Tree

For every jar of our premium nail acrylic powder you purchase, we plant one tree. It's that simple. With every purchase, you are contributing to a healthier planet, one tree at a time.

How it Works

1. Purchase

Buy any jar of Bellah Bunni nail acrylic powder.

2. Plant

We donate to One Tree Planted to plant a tree on your behalf.

3. Grow

Each tree contributes to reforestation efforts worldwide, supporting ecosystems and communities.


Replenish & Save

We're excited to introduce our Replenishment Program exclusively on BellahBunni.com:

  • Send Back Your Jars: Return your used Bellah Bunni jars to be replenished.
  • Get a Discount: Use the special code "motherearth" for a percentage off your replenish order.
  • Earn Free Products: For every 5 jars you send back, receive a free jar of our premium acrylic powder.

Why Trees?

Combating Climate Change

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, helping to combat global warming.

Protecting Biodiversity

Forests provide habitats for countless species of wildlife.

Supporting Communities

Trees provide resources such as food, shelter, and income for communities around the world

Shop Now and Plant a Tree!

Explore our range of vibrant and eco-friendly nail acrylic powders. With Bellah Bunni, every jar you buy plants a tree and supports a greener future.